-Demo Reel

All Characters Animated by Jonathan Chaddock
Song Credit:
Son of a Rocket Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

-Rezillo offering to help Ahren
A little test and practice on using a new character I created Ahren the mouse.

Credits: created by Jonathan Chaddock
Voiced by Fleetpaws

Kyran Obstacle practice
This was a fun little practice seeing how this quadruped creature would jump up a ledge and jump down.

Kyran Cycle animation
This is a quadruped I created that is like a big dragon creature with no wings.

Credits: created by Jonathan Chaddock

-Chipmunk hopping
I animated and created the rig. There is even toes on his feet. It is a simple mesh to practice body mechanics of an animal like a chipmunk. I used Advanced Skeleton plugin in Maya to help build the rig.

Credits: created by Jonathan Chaddock

-Raccoon Singing Hold On from Abandon

This was fun little animation I wanted to animate to a song. I created the character and animated him. I did all the lighting and the post effects using After Effects.
Credits: visuals by Jonathan Chaddock
Title: Hold on
Artist: Abandon
Check them out in ITunes if your interested.
Link here:

-2D Mouse Look up reaction
This was a trial on using same principles as in 3D animation to apply in 2D to create a simple animation. This will show some of my mouse’s personality.

Credits: created by Jonathan Chaddock

-2D Mouse Walk Cycle
Simple test on creating a traditional 2D walk cycle on paper.

Credits: created by Jonathan Chaddock

-Do what must be done
This is an animation with my raccoon character to try out his facial rig I created on him. I have created all the work on this video. I created the raccoon, I did the rendering with the fur and lighting, and I also did the voice. I should be able to say I take full credit on this video.

Credits: created by Jonathan Chaddock

-Raccoon versus Robot
This is an animation with a raccoon fighting a robot. It is a play blast but still with good animation.

Credits: animated, created the raccoon, modeled, rigged, textured, environment by Jonathan Chaddock

-Aldo and Zippy
This is a short animation with gerbils called Aldo and Zippy. Aldo is asking for a fight.

Credits: animated, created the gerbils, modeled, rigged, textured, environment, voice of the gerbils by Jonathan Chaddock.

-Mech Humming Bird
This is a short animation that is about a mechanical humming bird that the creator turns on.

Credits: animated, created the Mech Humming Bird, modeled, rigged, textured, composited, acted by Jonathan Chaddock

Free Rigs:
-Many of the free rigs can be found in 11 second club – Resources
-Steve (boy rig) created by F.C Kirel
-Newboy Rig created by Matthew
-Busu (teacher) created by Anonymous. They can be found under Custom Maya Normans:
-Morpheus Rig By Josh Burton Body rigged with John Doublestein’s rigging toolset

Free Rigs from Creative Crash:
-Mobot (robot rig) from morrismozingo on Creative Crash:
-Tonga fox Rig created by Mike Rhone on Creative Crash:
-Nico Rig from chadmv on Creative Crash:
-Wolf Rig from Niklas Wennersten on Creative Crash:
Squirrely Rig from David Andrade on Creative Crash:

Special Thanks to Minneapolis Media Institute
And Special Thanks to Instructors:
Michael Richmond, Terry Stoeger, Jimmy Davidson, Susan Van Baerle, James Morris